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Faculty/Staff are also allowed to install one copy of the Home Use version of Office (Office 2007 Enterprise) and one copy of the home use version of Vista (Vista Business). These are for faculty/staff exclusive use on a single home or portable system that they own/lease with the following limitations.
  • Media for the install is available for a nominal fee through the UAB Blazer Bookstore. Faculty/Staff may not use the same media as provided to them for installation of the applications on their UAB owned equipment, but must use the specific media and license keys provided through the Bookstore.
  • Use of the software on a home system may only be for work-related purposes and must be deleted upon termination of the Campus Agreement or upon faculty/staff separation from UAB.
  • A valid Microsoft operating system must already be in place on the home system. Only upgrade rights are included with the home use license.

Faculty/Staff must sign a Home Use Acceptance Form at the time of license purchase at the Bookstore indicating their understanding and acceptance of the license rights

Click here to review a copy of the Acceptance Form.