Knowledgebase : Outlook Tips

If there is a departmental or co-worker's calendar you have access to and want to open it in Outlook, please follow the steps below. Please note, that if you were just granted access you might need to close and re-open Outlook first.

Step 1: Open the calendar section of Outlook.

Go to Outlook Calendars

Step 2: Near the top of the window, click the option to Open Calendar and in the menu that drops down, select Open Shared Calendar...

Open Shared Calendar

Step 3: The Open a Shared Calendar box will pop-up. If you already know the exact name of the calendar you can type it here. Or you can click the Name button and search for the calendar name in the Global Address List.

Shared Calendar Name

If you clicked the Name button, then you will see the window below. Start typing in the box near the top left to locate the calendar you want to open. Once you have located it, select the name from the list and click OK.

Global Address List

The previous box will now be populated with the calendar you selected from the list above. Click OK to complete the process.

Shared Calendar Name Completed

Step 4: The shared calendar will now show up on the left side under a Shared Calendars heading.

Shared Calendar Heading in Outlook

Open your Outlook client, and click on File in the top-left corner.

Click File in Outlook

Click on Automatic Replies

Automatic Replies in Outlook

Select “Send automatic replies” and create your desired message. You can also designate specific date & time ranges to apply the Out of Office message.

Send automatic replies

Click Ok when you’re finished.

If you are in charge of managing a Contact Group for your department, you can follow these simple steps to add someone to the group or remove them from the group. In the following example, I'm the manager of the "DOM-ResearchFaculty-CO" group.

In Outlook, open up the Global Address List (GAL) and (1) search for your specific group. When you locate it, (2) right-click on it and select Properties from the context menu:

In the next window you will see a list of the current members in that Contact Group. You need to press the "Modify Members..." button to edit the list:

In the Contact Group Membership pop-up, press the "Add..." button to open a search list to select an employee to add to the list. If you want to remove someone, highlight their name in the list and press the "Remove" button.

If you selected "Add...", a new window with the Global Address List will open up. You can (1) search for the name of the employee to add. (2) Double-clicking their name or pressing the "Add ->" button will add them to the (3) selection box. You can add multiple users at a time if you like. When you're finished adding, (4) press the "Ok" button.

Back in the Contact Group Membership pop-up (the third screenshot above), press the "Ok" button to complete that step.

Then finally press the "Ok" button on the Contact Group's Properties window (the second screenshot above).

Your group has been updated and you're done.

To remove one address from the list so that it won't be suggested again, open a new message and begin typing in the address. Use the up and down arrows to select the bad address from the suggested addresses. When the bad address is highlighted, simply hit delete. The bad address is removed from Outlook's frequently used contacts list.

Open a web browser and type in


Sign in with your ONE UAB Medicine credentials

Sign in with your UABMC password

Click on the Settings wheel.

Click on settings

Click Options

Click options

Find and click on Automatic Replies

Click on Automatic Replies

Here you can set custom automatic replies, where you can send them indefinitely or click “Send replies only during this time period” to set certain date and time ranges. Once you have your messages set click on Save.

Setup Outlook Out of Office Message on Mac


Open Outlook and go to Tools in the top left of the screen


From Tools, select Out of Office


This will prompt a pop-up window with the options for your message. In the “Reply once to each sender with:” field, type your out of office message. Underneath that box there will be a check box for “Only send replies during this time period:” where you can select the dates and times that you want the message to start sending and stop sending. If you leave this unchecked, your out of office message will send until you turn it off.