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I received an email from "System Administrator" that an email was undeliverable. The problem is I never sent an email to the address listed.
Posted by (Inactive) Lacinda Riesland, Last modified by Richard Watt on 13 February 2020 05:39 PM

First, let me reassure you that, most likely, inappropriate emails are NOT being sent from your account. Spammers are using a technique called email spoofing to circulate these emails.

From :
E-mail spoofing is a term used to describe fraudulent email activity in which the sender address and other parts of the email header are altered to appear as though the email originated from a different source. E-mail spoofing is a technique commonly used for spam e-mail and phishing to hide the origin of an e-mail message. By changing certain properties of the e-mail, such as the From, Return-Path and Reply-To fields (which can be found in the message header), ill-intentioned users can make the e-mail appear to be from someone other than the actual sender.

So, emails look like they are coming from your account, but in fact they are being sent by a spammer to look like they’re legitimate email. There is absolutely nothing that can be done about this, unfortunately. You should just continue to delete these messages.