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How to Manage a Contact Group in Outlook
Posted by Richard Watt, Last modified by Richard Watt on 26 April 2018 03:10 PM

If you are in charge of managing a Contact Group for your department, you can follow these simple steps to add someone to the group or remove them from the group. In the following example, I'm the manager of the "DOM-ResearchFaculty-CO" group.

In Outlook, open up the Global Address List (GAL) and (1) search for your specific group. When you locate it, (2) right-click on it and select Properties from the context menu:

In the next window you will see a list of the current members in that Contact Group. You need to press the "Modify Members..." button to edit the list:

In the Contact Group Membership pop-up, press the "Add..." button to open a search list to select an employee to add to the list. If you want to remove someone, highlight their name in the list and press the "Remove" button.

If you selected "Add...", a new window with the Global Address List will open up. You can (1) search for the name of the employee to add. (2) Double-clicking their name or pressing the "Add ->" button will add them to the (3) selection box. You can add multiple users at a time if you like. When you're finished adding, (4) press the "Ok" button.

Back in the Contact Group Membership pop-up (the third screenshot above), press the "Ok" button to complete that step.

Then finally press the "Ok" button on the Contact Group's Properties window (the second screenshot above).

Your group has been updated and you're done.