How to Map a Network Drive in Windows
Posted by Richard Watt, Last modified by Richard Watt on 06 February 2017 10:50 AM

The following steps will help explain how to create a drive on your local office computer that connects to the location on the UAB server. Please note: if you are off-campus or on a non-UAB network you will need to connect using UAB's secure VPN connection first.

Step 1: Click on the Windows 7 Start menu, then select Computer

Open My Computer


Step 2: Select Map Network Drive from the menu

Map network drive


Step 3: (a) Choose which drive letter you want that isn't already used, (b) type the location of the network share, (c) check the box to reconnect at logon, (d) then click finish. If you are connecting from off-campus or outside the hospital network network, please see the next step.

Select campus drive letter


Step 4: That's it! The drive will now be accessible through the file explorer (i.e., My Computer) under the drive letter you chose in Step 3 above.


Off-Campus (or non-UAB network) Access

If you are outside the UAB campus and hospital networks (e.g., your home), you need to make sure you click the "Connect using different credentials" checkbox. You would then enter your name as "uab\YourBlazerID" and password in the security pop-up window. Also note that you will need to be running and connected using UAB's secure VPN connection in order for off-campus access to work.

Select drive letter

Connect as... 

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